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06 Sep 2010

Archives of Traditional Music in Laos

This website presents some of the traditional music and songs of Laos collected by the Archives of Traditional Music in Laos project and the Lao-German Research and Development Project at the National Library of Laos PDR in Vientiane, Laos. It describes the background of traditional music in Laos, the objectives of the project,and has an archive of music and songs.



  • to acquire a methodological knowledge base on internal systematization of traditional music in Laos

  • to collect and display music data by classifying repertories, music instruments and ensemble arrangements


  • to motivate and train specialized local staff to continue the culturally vital task of documenting and preserving traditional music in Laos


  • to enhance the National Library's scientific resources by establishing and supporting a new department called "Archives of Traditional Music in Laos" with its own systematization


  • to create a systematic musicological data based on various media (sound tapes, video, photo, transcriptions) to be used for further research and for educational and public purposes

  • to make accessible for public appreciation the rich and unique tradition of Laos