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01 Jul 2011

Akko Art Gallery Bangkok

Akko Art Gallery is highly regarded in art circles, having built up a solid reputation since 1990. We are the oldest exhibition holding commercial art gallery in Thailand. Besides providing services as art dealers and consultants, we manage several top artists, including magnificient watercolour artist Somboon Phuangdorkmai and Kyoko Abe, whose original works here are only found at Akko.

We have organized many international and domestic art shows and our clients include many top Thai, Japanese and foreign businessmen and Thai professionals as well as corporate clients.

Akko provides framing services, restoration and consultations for paintings for your home. We host several exhibitions throughout the year.

AKKO Art Gallery was started by Atsuko “Akko” Suzuki Davies (Japanese) married to David Davies (English). Akko was a press photographer in Japan during the 1960s, and took up painting after she moved to Bangkok. Akko's love for art and artists is the driving force behind Akko Art Gallery.

The gallery was established in December 1990 and is currently co-managed by Akko and Petula, Akko’s daughter as a Christian family business.

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