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01 Jul 2011

About Studio/About Cafe

One of Bangkok's leading contemporary art centres, About Studio/About Cafe presents a regular series of contemporary theatre, performance art, video art,film,in addition to its ongoing programme of exhibitions.

It aims to:

  • Support and promote contemporary art accessories.

  • Creating a context favorable to the development of art.

  • Exchange and disseminate knowledge and understanding of the arts to a wider audience

About Studio / About Cafe is an open space for the exchange of artistic ideas in angle. It presents opportunities for new artists to work with, to make a difference from the traditional idea of an exhibition.

This initiative intends to provide opportunities for new artists to work with emphasis on the quality of the work created. The studio space for an artist to work, has in its a coffee shop, and in it's vicinity a reading room, an art museum and access to local Thai artists and a database. It is a source of knowledge of art and art exhibits for youth and students.