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31 Aug 2010

You Fail | open call for exhibition | Austria

Open call to theorists and visual artists working in any medium for work on theme of failure.  Organised by periscope for exhibition in Salzburg, Austria in November 2010.

Situated in Salzburg, Austria, periscope will curate and host an exhibition in November 2010 dealing with different artistic approaches towards the idea of failure.

Like with many other things the difference between success and failure seems to be a matter of definition. Dealing with authority figures, within institutions and groups one is often confronted with common practises and a popular opinion about what „ to do“ and „not to do“. On the other hand we are part of the process and often seem to know, when to consider an activity as successful or failed.

On the Internet one often comes across: "Fails!"– The term Fail derives from the substantive FAILURE and is used as a short form for: you fail!

Generally a fail describes something that does not work. This can be an accident, an unfulfilled expectation, a broken computer or something one should not do at all. On the Internet the short form of this sentence ´Fail´ stands for photos and short videos of mishaps, but also has become customary in the current language. It expresses disapproval and also a kind of slight malicious joy. From the illustration of such mishaps many distribution-forms have arised, for example the so-called fail-blog mainly dealing with the publication of fail-videos and -photos.

The call is open to theorists and (visual) artists working in any medium

Your application should include:

• The Application Form
• A Project description, DinA4 maximum, including images
• Documentation of your artistic work
• CV

Please mark your Application with „Open Call: YOU FAIL!“!

Send your application via postal address or e-mail.

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