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15 Jul 2019

Ten Years After - call for articles on Asian cinema for special online edition of NANG

Call for entries - TEN YEARS AFTER - a special online-only edition of NANG magazine organized in memory of Alexis Tioseco and Nika Bohinc, two committed young film critics who were murdered in Manila in 2009.

NANG is looking to solicit original short pieces (approximately 1000 words each, in English or translated into English) from emerging writers (aged under 30 or in the early stages of a career in criticism). Contributors from all over the world are welcome but each piece needs to provide an answer to a simple question—“What films, filmmakers, performances, sounds, images or moments in Asian cinema have you loved over the last decade (2009-2019)?” Responses may be focused on a single work or be more wide-ranging, but they must be from the heart.

NANG is an independent print-only magazine dedicated to cinema in Asia. NANG is an English-language 10-issue magazine which covers cinema and cinema cultures in the Asian world with passion and insight.

Submissions accepted until July 15, 2019
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Alexis Tioseco and Nika Bohinc were two of the most committed young film critics to have emerged internationally during the early 2000s. On September 1, 2009, they were murdered in Alexis’s home in Manila. This tragedy shook a multitude of friends, critics, scholars, filmmakers and film professionals who knew them in person and/or through their writings and activities.

Since its inception, the NANG magazine project has been dedicated to their memories and, as a way of marking the tenth anniversary of their death, NANG intends to publish a freely-accessible online-only edition hoping to continue Alexis and Nika’s legacy of enthusiasm, curiosity, passion and love towards cinema.

Please email your submissions to ONLINE@NANGMAGAZINE.COM by July 15, 2019, complete with a short biographical note on yourself.

Inquiries can be sent to the same email address.

(Please note: should you wish to include any images/video extracts as part of your contribution, formal permission from the relevant copyright holder/s must be secured prior to publication.)

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