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18 Jul 2019

Prince Claus Fund - Amplifying Creative Voices: Russia | call for proposals

man standing on rocks about to jump into water

The Prince Claus Fund is issuing a new Call for Proposals to support excellent cultural and artistic initiatives that offer different perspectives on society in Russia.

Through this open call, Amplifying Creative Voices: Russia, the Prince Claus Fund intends to broaden its support of independent artists and cultural practitioners into diverse regions that have received little of the Fund’s attention in the past, and yet play an increasingly important role in today’s world.

In the international media, news from Russia offers a limited view of the country and the diverse aspects of its society and communities. The everyday or unconventional stories often go unnoticed or untold. The Prince Claus Fund believes that culture and the arts of a country give a more nuanced picture of a place and its people. In Russia there are many talented artists with creative ideas that can help people understand themselves and each other in different ways.

With this call for proposals we would like to invite such independent artists and cultural practitioners to put forward new perspective on their communities, and to propose artistic interpretations of stories they feel need more attention. We encourage ground-breaking cultural initiatives by individual artists, creative professionals, collectives and cultural organisations; especially initiatives that show how the arts can create space for dialogue and different perspectives on society.

We are specifically looking to support initiatives that:

  • Offer different perspectives than those usually shown in the media;
  • Promote the inclusion and participation of women and minority groups in the cultural scene;
  • Encourage out of the box initiatives by artists and cultural practitioners that re-interpret common (mis)conceptions in their societies, and create space for multiple points of view;
  • Stimulate and inspire communities to actively engage with the arts, culture and society;
  • Showcase underrepresented narratives from the respective countries.

We would like to challenge all interested in this call to create innovative concepts that reflect on Russian society.

The Prince Claus Fund will support initiatives within the financial range of €15,000 – €20,000.

The deadline for the submission of project applications is 18 July, 2019 at 17:00h Amsterdam Time.

Photo: Livno - Herzegovina 2016 © Ziyah Gafić