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10 Aug 2012

Philippines | Balay Kalamragan artist residency


A special 2012 artist-in-residence programme in traditional visual arts disciplines in a rural area of the Philippines, aiming to increase community awareness towards art. International call.

The Balay Kalamragan (translates to House of Enlightenment in the Waray dialect) is a special artist-in-residence program nestled deep within the grassy plains and lush fields of the rural town of San Miguel, Leyte supervised by the Bahay ng Sining team, with the same objective - to increase community awareness towards art and help make art an integral part of society.

Disciplines: Drawing/Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Wood

Language: English

Outcome: Works will be exhibited in Hotel Lorenza (a soon-to-open boutique hotel in Tacloban City), Cresco Agriturismo in San Miguel, Leyte, and at the Balay Kalamragan in Caibaan, Tacloban City.

Duration: 6 weeks; October 1- November 15, 2012

Paid by artist: Travel costs, food and living expenses.

Paid by host: Accommodation

Accommodation Info: Accommodation up to four artists; shared bathroom; lecture hall; studio and workspace on the fourth floor; kitchen

Application Guidelines and Criteria:
Emerging to mid-career and established artists must be active in the field of contemporary art with an interest in exploration and production of collaborative work during the residency period. It is expected that the artists will be active in engaging with the dynamic environment of the city and use the opportunity to help inspire the community in making art a part of society.

We also request the artists to send a parallel activity which can be in the form of a workshop, lecture or community event.

Interested artists may send an electronic application, consisting of the following:

•Project Proposal and the Parallel Activity (max. 2 A4 pages containing sketches, images or diagrams of the project)

•CV with photo and short Artist Statement (max 2 pages)

•Portfolio (up to 15 images, preferred format: JPG)

The artists would be working independently, but in communication with the staff of the Balay Kalamragan program.

Please note: Applications not meeting these criteria will not be considered. The application materials should not exceed 10mb in total.

Please send the applications to bahayngsining@gmail.com

Decisions: Selected artists shall be notified via email upon a careful examination and evaluation of all the applications. Certificates of Completion will be awarded to the Artist upon completion of the program.

Deadline: August 10, 2012