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21 Jun 2010

International video art and multimedia festival: Marseille, France

Call for video art and multimedia entries for Les Instants Video festival in Marseille, France, Autumn 2010.

The festival Les Instants Vidéo (international video art and multimedia festival) is held in Marseille, France in Autumn 2010.  It wants to be a space/time where destinies come across each other, where new cartographies of creation can be woven, where new lines can be opened in direction to new comets...

LES INSTANTS VIDEO Numériques et poétiques are preparing

2013 - 50th anniversary of video art
In 1963, Nam June Paik made a founding act, with the exhibition of thirteen distorted TV sets (Music/Electronic Television) in the gallery Parnass in Wuppertal, Germany

We will celebrate the event by organising the Estates GenerOUs of Video Art
Where does video art come from ?
What about video art today ?
Where is video art going ?

We are inviting all the video and multimedia artists, all the curators, all the festival directors (and the other spaces of exhibition), all the video art historians (and the other observers), all the distributors, all the teachers, all the students, all the thinkers, all the passers-by, all the friends, all the john does, all the specta(c)tors, all the youngs and the olds, all the poets of the verb, of the image, of the sound, of the gesture, of the seeing... to send us their happy, surprising, activist, utopian, serious suggestions.

We are looking for texts, photos, films, testimonies, sound recordings, manifesto, catalogues...to tell the story (the stories) of worldwide video art (1963-2013)

See website for Entry Forms for the festival

DEADLINE: 21 June 2010