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21 Oct 2010

International Ceramics Symposium | open call

Held in Römhild, Germany, the 9th International Ceramics Symposium issues a call for participants who will be awarded stipends to attend this prestigious event in summer 2011.

Venue: Glücksburg Palace, Römhild, Germany, 14-August – 11-September 2011

Drawing its theme from the famous dictum of panta rhei (“everything flows”), attributed to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, the Ninth International Ceramics Symposium will take place in the Thuringian pottery city of Römhild in 2011. Some 160 artists from 29 countries have taken part in the previous, highly regarded eight symposia.

Guidelines for Participants:
Participation will be limited to eight national and/or international artists, who will be selected from the applicants by a knowledgeable jury of experts.
Selected participant will receive maximum stipends of 2.000 Euros as well as lodging and meals during the symposium. Materials and technical equipment will be placed at their disposal and will include electrical, wood-burning, and gas kilns. It is assumed that the participants also will conduct firing experiments to further the creation of new forms of expression.

All work at the end of the symposium will remain the property of the Association for the Advancement of the International Ceramics Symposium Römhild e.V. These artistic creations will be on view to the public in the exhibition halls and featured in a catalog of the exhibition.

Selected works will be displayed in the permanent ceramics collection of the Glücksburg Palace Museum in Römhild which already contains an extensive array of work from the previous symposia.

The deadline for applications is October 21, 2010.

Applicants should submit an application that includes 10 – 15, preferably high-definition photographs of their work on a CD-Rom, a description of their past work and other exhibitions in which they have participated, as well as a vita.

Invitations to those artists who are selected will be sent by December 31, 2010.

Please send applications to:
Förderverein des Internationalen Keramiksymposiums Römhild e.V.
z. H. Kerstin Schneider
Schloss Glücksburg
Griebelstrasse 28
98631 Römhild