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01 Mar 2024

India | Sā 2024 land art exhibition on climate, culture and community

Sā is calling for applications for Asia's highest land art exhibition on climate, culture and community, from 1 to 10 June 2024 in Leh (Ladakh, India). The opportunity is open to contemporary artists from all the fields, from Ladakh, wider India and beyond, and the festival is particularly interested in environmentally conscious art.

The theme for this second edition is ‘The Future of Immersive Land Art / Immersive Land Art and the Future’. The festival asks, how can we create art which is immersive and thought-provoking but does not negatively impact the environment and its inhabitants in times of uncertainty and a globally changing climate? 

Sā was founded with the passion and love for landscapes, climate and communities and with a focus on engaging people from all walks of life – particularly young adults and the next generation, the future custodians of the land. 

The working environment is outdoors and requires physical fitness in the high-altitude landscape in a challenging climate (hot sun, wind and potential rain). Sā believes in co-creating with the community and expects an artist to exhibit a supportive attitude, dignity and openness while working with the team, community members and fellow artists. 

Sā will also provide teaching and workshop opportunities to students if the artists are interested in engaging with the next generation. 

Support provided

  • Material cost coverage for up to 40,000 INR will be provided. 
  • A nominal fee will be paid to the artists and accommodation costs will be covered for the time of the installation for up to 5 days for artists not based in Leh.  

Sā application guidelines

Deadline: 1 March 2024