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15 Dec 2013

Guest Editors sought for ELSE Art and Culture Journal



ELSE, a new online Journal of International Art, Literature, Theory and Creative Media, invites applications for the shared position of guest editor for the first and possibly second issue. Candidates can be artists, art historians, art critics, art educators, curators, or other art professionals.

Institutional affiliation is not required.  ELSE Journal will be published online annually and is peer reviewed.

ELSE Issue 00 out February 1, 2014: Trans-what?

Editors work independently or collaboratively with other editors, peer reviewers and the ELSE Board of Advisors. Editors will provide accepted material to peer reviewers, and determine appropriate length and character of reviews and work with artists and authors to prepare manuscripts for publication.

Editors are expected to be current on related art topics, journals and recent exhibitions and performances in contemporary art, criticism, theory, and visual culture particularly with regard to the Journal's subjects of interest including: Memory, Forgetting, Trauma and the Archive; Creative Fiction and Experimental Non-fiction; Language/Image; Art and Social Technologies; International Diaspora and Post-Colonialism; Cultural Engagement Through Food; Role of Art in Peace, Meditation, Performance Activism; Liminality, Space/Place, Temporary Architecture; Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny

According to its title, ELSE will look and read like nothing else. Editors will foster a platform for earnest, inclusive inquiry and explorations: http://www.elsejournal.org

Editors will receive a modest honorarium but may not publish their own work in the journal during the term of service.

Please apply by December 15 here: http://www.transart.org/else-editor-application/

ELSE Journal is published under the Transart Institute, which offers an international low-residency MFA and a practice-based PhD program for working artists in a highly individualized format. Transart Institute was founded in 2004 by two artists. The MFA in New Media program was accredited by the Austrian Ministry of Education and Culture through Donau University Krems, Krems, Austria in 2004 and the first summer residency was held in 2005 with an international body of 25 students and eight faculty. The current MFA Creative Practice program is accredited (validated in BE) through the School of Art and Media at the University of Plymouth in the UK.