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30 Sep 2020

Gran Canaria | self-quarantine residencies for artists and researchers 2020

Artist & Researcher-in-self-quarantine programme in rural Gran Canaria autumn 2020 – open call. Due to the exceptional situation, the AIR Guiniguada artist residency centre is offering 4-week self-isolation residencies at a reduced fee to artists and researchers in the autumn months of 2020. 

Now we offer our private atelier rooms for those who would better spend at shortest a 4-weeks period of reduced fee in our house located on a hillside in the green north of Medianías of Gran Canaria. Our artist-in-residence programme is limited to a maximum of 4 persons self-isolation programme during the autumn months.

Since we cannot guarantee what restrictions of activities shall be in force in the following times, we recommend this opportunity for those who wish to get far from crowds, in a charming natural setting. We were inspired by the epidemiologic crisis destroying our casual ways of keeping in touch, still, we would provide a space-time for introspection and exchange of ideas in voluntary seclusion. We know these times resemble much of that of Bocaccio’s Decameron, our rural nothing may become precious in contrast to the cities’ reduced offer of pleasures.

Regarding this exceptional situation, during September, October, and November 2020 we are also accepting applications of a minimum stay of 4 weeks, for a reduced weekly price of €170, for two persons (as a single virus community unit) applying together for occupying the same atelier for €210.

Artist and Researcher in Residence Guiniguada is awaiting guests who have projects or would want to get a deeper understanding of the following issues: Ecology & society: ecological art, food chain, carbon and nitrogen cycle, recuperation of ecosystems. Arts & society: visual language, contemporary art of light, hermetic traditions in modern art. Human rights & society: equality of opportunity, equal treatment, social exclusion/inclusion. 

See website for all other information and also how to apply for residencies in 2021.

Deadline date on our website is indicative only.