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18 Dec 2021

Germany | Moovy dance film festival open call

Moovy is a dance film festival. The 6th edition will take place April 22-24 at the Filmforum at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. Open international call for entries.

Moovy aims to create a platform for both local and international artists by presenting non-Western material from partnerships. In addition to the latest films, Moovy will also present classics.

Accepted categories:
- Screendance International Category
- VR and AR dance films
- Students from North Rhine Westphalia, Germany

Dance films are a hybrid of movement and film where choreography develops a relationship between the dancer and camera. Through the synthesis of dance and moving images, specific temporal and spatial structures are created which would not be possible on stage. In video dance, it’s not only the dancer that moves, but also animation technology and electronic image processing. Within each film, surroundings are set into motion either to create an everyday scenario or fictitious world.

Deadline for entries: 18 December 2021