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03 Nov 2014

Fringe Manila 2015 | call for artists

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International open call for artists for the first Fringe Manila (Feb 12 -Mar 1 2015) . In the tradition of Fringe festivals all over the world, Fringe Manila is an open access, non curated and uncensored celebration of the diversity of the arts in Manila, the Philippines and the World.


Manila Fringe Festival (FringeMNL) is an 18-day event in February 2015 that will bring together Filipino & international artists from all art disciplines. It joins a network of over 200 Fringe Festivals all over the world.

Call for artists - Register your event with Fringe Manila

Fringe Manila is an OPEN-ACCESS arts festival. That means we don’t curate. We don’t tell artists what to create for Fringe. We don’t tell them where to perform. Or when. Or how much to charge their audience. (if they charge at all) We don’t decide what audiences should get to see in Fringe.


Whether you’re an artist, arts collective, independent producer, production house, theater company, gallery or something that defies categorization, Fringe is here to help provide a platform to get your work seen and heard.

Note - re: deadline

There is no published deadline for artist registration! The organisers say: "As it's our very first festival, we're being somewhat flexible on our deadlines, but we're working toward a closing date for artist registrations of Monday November 3. That said, we plan to accept registrations right up until the festival opens. The earlier deadline is set so that we can gather info from artists to profile in our printed festival program."

So: get your entry in early and preferably by November 3 2014