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15 Jul 2011

Freedom to Create Prize

The Freedom to Create Prize is a celebration of the courage and creativity of artists, and the positive influence of their work to promote social justice and inspire the human spirit.

The Prize encompasses all forms of art in any creative field and is open to any individual or group of any gender, religion or nationality.

The 2011 Freedom to Create Prize is now open for entries via our website until 15 July 2011. Please see here for further information on how to enter the prize.

There are two categories:

Main Prize

The Main prize is open to artists or groups whose participants are over the age of 16. The first place winner will receive US$ 50,000 which will be shared with an organisation nominated by the winning entrant to further the cause the artwork has highlighted. The first runner up will receive US$ 15,000. The second runner up will receive US$ 10,000.

Imprisoned Artist Prize

This prize is presented to artists who are imprisoned because of their courage and creativity in pursuing their art, and the role of their work in highlighting injustice. There will be less emphasis placed on the artists work (quality) and more on the personal courage demonstrated by them, the message conveyed through their work and its impact. The prize of US$ 25,000 is awarded to one winner, to be directed towards securing the artist's release, advocating on behalf of them and their cause and offering support to their family.

Freedom to Create was launched in 2008 and is based in Singapore, operating world-wide as "a global movement of creative people who are changing the world".