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16 Dec 2013

France | 'Travel to learn Arts and Crafts' students' programme



The “Travel to learn Arts and Crafts” programme for applied arts and crafts students is developed by UNESCO and the Fondation Culture & Diversité, with support from the General Inspectorate of Applied Arts of the French Ministry of Education, partner schools of applied arts and crafts and with artisan enterprises.

The aim of this programme is to enable applied arts and crafts students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete a study tour abroad. It helps students launch their professional career by enabling them to work in a professional environment; acquire new skills and cultural experiences abroad; design and create innovative objects; develop a professional network and participate and present their work at international fairs.

This programme offers selected students – students in arts and crafts, recipients of scholarships and awards - the opportunity to complete a study tour in France for 4 months within craft workshops or business. UNESCO and the Fondation Culture & Diversité provide help for logistical, financial and strategic arrangements. In parallel, the programme allows young French scholarship students approaching the end of their studies to discover the know-how of craftspeople in developing countries.

For more information about the programme: read the Presentation to Students


Applicants must be students near the end of their syllabus, but not yet professionals.

They must meet all the following criteria:

  • Level of study of at least 2 years

  • Enrolled in schools /institutes /universities of applied arts and crafts

  • Recipients of scholarships and awards


  • must complete the application form: they must apply for one of the study tours suggested by the programme, discuss their overall motivation and interest for the programme and the techniques they will acquire, and show their interest in the French culture;

  • must join pictures of their work;

  • must join a video presentation : length 4 to 6 minutes / content: presentation of themselves, of their motivation, of what they want to learn/discover thanks to the programme, and of their future professional project.

Applications must be submitted by 16 December 2013.

NOTE: this programme is intended for eligible students, information is distributed via the specialist training schools and universities WHO MUST VALIDATE ANY APPLICATION before it is submitted to UNESCO. The Application Form is to be returned through your school or university - see form for details.  To find out if you are eligible to apply for the programme, please ask your course supervisor. 

In general, the programme is open to eligible applied arts and crafts students in developing countries and in France.

Information in French (for students in eligible French education establishments teaching Arts and Crafts)