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15 Apr 2024

ArtsEquator Fellowship 2024 for Southeast Asian art critics

ArtsEquator invites applications from Southeast Asia for the ArtsEquator Fellowship. The Fellowship is a professional development programme for mid-career arts critics and journalists who are creating critical content about the arts in Southeast Asia.

This Fellowship is conducted remotely and does not require any travel. It provides a stipend totalling 5,000 SGD for the Fellowship period from 1 July 2024 to 31 Dec 2024. It is open to critics and arts journalists from Southeast Asia only.

ArtsEquator is looking for applicants who are interested in being a voice for their community, spotlighting artistic works in their country, offering insight into subjects that are not often explored, and being a part of the wider arts network in Southeast Asia.

This second cycle is focused on theatre, dance and film in Southeast Asia. Fellows will work on 5 reviews that can be delivered in writing, video or podcast format, and on one in-depth essay. ArtsEquator is looking for content that offers insights into what is happening in the arts in their respective countries.

Applicants should propose a previsionary list of the 6 topics/events/performances/videos/ films they intend to cover during the Fellowship period in their application.

The content is not produced for publication on ArtsEquator.com, but to support the applicant’s own local network of publications and/or distributions. Therefore, applicants must indicate where they are planning to publish/distribute the content. This may be existing websites, news portals, social media accounts, substack, newsletter, blog, podcast channel or video channel that reaches their local community and beyond.

Not more than 7 Fellows will be selected for this cycle. Shortlisted candidates may be contacted for further interviews.

ArtsEquator Fellowship application guidelines

Deadline: 15 April 2024