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19 Oct 2021

2021 Asia Teaching Artist (TA) Exchange Workshop

Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES) has a call for Teaching Artists from Southeast and Northeast Asia, to participate in an online exchange workshop to discuss the social role of arts and teaching artistry.

In 2020, KACES held an International online conference, 'The 5th International Teaching Artists Conference (ITAC5)', in Seoul under the theme of 'Boundaries into New Pathways: Enacting the power of arts and arts education for Teaching Artists', and more than 1800 people from 44 different countries participated to share experiences and thoughts about arts, education, practices, social issues, etc.

This year, from November 5th-30th, they are holding an online conference, Asia Teaching Artist (TA) Exchange Workshop. We only invite Asian artists and teaching artists to discuss the current issues of Asia and the social role of arts and arts education together. They expect this workshop to become a stepping stone to expand the boundaries of Teaching Artistry and the intimate network of Asian TAs.

Participants and Region: Southeast/Northeast Asia Teaching Artist, who is willing to discuss the social role of arts and teaching artistry through exchange workshop with the interest of Asia contemporaries.

ㅇ Workshop Outline : Open session/TA workshop/Webinar 5th~30th November, 2021

ㅇ Workshop Format : Online group meeting

ㅇ Number of Participants : Around 15 participants from Southeast and Northeast Asia * including around 6 participants from South Korea

ㅇ Language : English
* Participant introduction videos will be asked to be submitted in their native language.
(English translation will be provided.)
* Group session will be conducted in English.
(Participants should be able to discuss and communicate in English with other TAs.)

ㅇ Purpose of the workshop
• It is a place to here the voices of teaching artists regarding the issues of Asia where is undergoing a turbulent time.
• By discussing the social role of arts and teaching artistry, this workshop is expected to be a first step in establishing an Asia TA network and seeking its future directions in Asia.
• Participants will see possibilities and examine a certain ways to carry out small-scale joint or collaborative projects beyond our boundaries with other Asian TAs, who will also discuss timely topics in-depth based on Asia’s current situation.

Application deadline: 19 October 2021

Please see guidelines for further information