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31 Jan 2017

13th Athens Digital Arts Festival | open call


Submissions are invited for the 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival: video art, animation, installations, performances, web art, digital image, workshops and music. The theme is #PostFuture - Can you imagine the Future?
The future as seen from the past and the past as seen from the future

The elusive transition of digital culture is shaping a future ‘beyond digital’, where the physical and the digital are merging. In the late 90’s Negroponte stated that “the digital revolution is over”. Almost two decades later and having accepted that the digital culture has been stabilized into our everydayness, we are moving forward to a most abstract creation. The necessity of innovation and excess of limits, has been a primary goal imposed by the ever evolving technological fetish.

This futuristic lifestyle is reflected from the coherence of the ‘real – virtual’ boundaries. The humanization of technology along with the social and economic crisis lead to a replica of the physical world where everything is countable in digits, therefore simplified and transparent. Yet is post digital the real progress?

Exploring this blurry future, we invite artists to ‘transcend’ digital culture and exchange opinions under the theme #PostFuture.

Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2017

The Festival takes place 18-21 May 2017

Athens Digital Arts Festival is an International Festival which celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering bringing together a global community of artists and audiences. Athens Digital Arts Festival encourages, stimulates and promotes all aspects of digital creativity by hosting local as well as international artists and communities.