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17 Nov 2014 - 18 Nov 2014

Yogyakarta | Equator Symposium

equator_symposium_logo The Equator Symposium is one of the main programs of Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation. The international forum takes place November 17-18 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on the theme: The One and The Many: Ethical and Aesthetic Practices in Our 21st Century Democracy Registration is open (until 31 October). Indonesian citizens may apply for fellowships to attend (till 24 October). equator_EN-01Date and Place
  • 17 - 18 November, 2014
  • At Gedung Lengkung, Postgradute Faculty of the Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The Equator Symposium is an international forum intended as an arena for the meeting of experts, theorists, practitioners and researchers from various disciplines. This is an event for sharing information and knowledge, exchanging thinking and opinions in an effort to build critical understandings of contemporary visual arts practice in its connection to social, cultural and political dynamics in the equatorial region. Check out the programme for Equator Symposium 2014 The Equator Symposium 2014 attempts to reveal the ecosystems within groups of many people (artists groups, hobby-based communities, business groups, etc.) in the organisation of their places (whether in the city, village, neighbourhood, state or between all of these). Examining encounters, both physical and virtual, and how these encounters are then disseminated to more people, is the first step in our efforts to reveal the ecosystems of these groups.