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23 May 2019 - 25 May 2019

Yangon | Media and Communication for Development Forum

Registration is open for the Media and Communication for Development Forum, to be held May 23-25 in Yangon, Myanmar.

The Forum will inspire, celebrate, and inform the strategic use of visual communications. We'll show you new ways to tell your story with speakers and panelists from across the country and beyond. A broad range of organizations, media makers and activists will showcase their work in TED-style short presentations, skill building workshops and thought-provoking panel discussions on themes such as identity, storytelling, health, challenging norms, and society.

Who should attend this forum?

Media professionals, civil society, INGO communications staff, social entrepreneurs, local-, city- and state-authorities, artists . . . anyone who is looking for creative ways to tell their story and utilize media and communication strategies for positive social change in Myanmar.

Why should you attend this forum?

Make new connections, develop partnerships, learn about innovation in the media and communication field, and be inspired!

About this Event

Myanmar hosts an increasingly rich theatre of innovation in which many actors are working to pursue sustainable development through media, communications and arts. Civil society, social entrepreneurs, local-, city- and state-authorities, filmmakers, media, journalists and others are all busy experimenting in a fast changing yet complex media landscape. Over the past 3 years there has been an explosion of mobile phones and digital apps and Facebook has become a key information source for many urban dwellers, yet villagers in remote areas still rely on radio and small-town print journals as their window to the world. Media, edutainment and communications are further challenged by the rich diversity of language, culture and religion and the widely variant norms in the communities which make up modern Myanmar.

Event partners include development organisations from the UK, New Zealand, Netherlands and many more