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19 Jul 2021

Why I Make | British Council film series

The British Council's Why I Make film series is part of its global programme, Crafting Futures. A series of films have been commissioned to celebrate craft and share maker's stories from around the globe; to inspire us and to show the value of craft in our history, culture and world today. 

The British Council releases these films as our world and everyday life has changed dramatically due to Coronavirus. The purpose of these films now feels more important than ever. We want to support craft practitioners who will be suffering the impact of this crisis and we hope to inspire you while at home. With many of us in isolation and living at a slower pace, craft can offer us some welcome relief and hope.

As part of the Why I Make series, viewers can:

  • Step inside the studio of Fern Chua in Malaysia and discover how the craft of batik led her from recuperation from a car accident to establishing a successful sustainable fashion brand.



  • Step inside the workshop of Saruta Kiatparkpoom in Thailand and discover how she gives a second life to the waste metal from her family's factory by crafting sculptural homeware.


  • Step inside the studio of Cleopatra Coșuleț in Romania and discover how she creates individual 'worlds' with her jewellery using experimental materials and processes.


  • Step inside the studio of Jahday Ford in the UK and discover how the craft of glassblowing is 'crazy cool' and why he believes anyone who has a passion should follow it.