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19 Jan 2013 - 21 Apr 2013

Singapore | Omnilogue | Japan Foundation contemporary art exhibition


The Japan Foundation hosts a series of three exhibitions in Perth, New Delhi and Singapore in 2011 – 2013, co-curated by East Asian curators who had stayed in Japan in summer 2010 through the Japan Foundation’s JENESYS Programme and Japanese curators of the same generation

Omnilogue: Your Voice is Mine is at NUS Museum, National University of Singapore 19 January - 21 April 2013 Artists: Makiko Koie, Shun Sasa, SHIMURAbros, Motohiro Tomii, Fuyuki Yamakawa and Takayuki Yamamoto. Curators: Shabbir Hussain Mustafa (Curator, NUS Museum), Michelle Ho (Assistant Curator, Singapore Art Museum), Tsukasa Ikegami (Curator, Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City), Tomoko Yabumae (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) Each exhibition has a different curatorial theme and title, specific to its local, cultural contexts. The keyword to connect three different exhibitions introducing contemporary Japanese artists is the notion of Omnilogue (omni + logue) that is based on the concept of multiple dialogues that result from communication across various cultures. The exhibitions share the common goal to pioneer new possibilities of discussion related to cultural exchange in the 21st century. This exhibition in Singapore is the final presentation of the Omnilogue series. The artists will create commissioned works which will push their way into the historical relationship between Singapore and/or Southeast Asia and Japan, furthermore the historical, cultural, social context of NUS Museum which is the venue of the exhibition, by reflecting the reality from their own viewpoint. How can we share the experience of others? Where is the boundary between “self” and “other” to begin with? This exhibition title Your Voice Is Mine indicates a site where the different aspects of identity would be opened within oneself, at the polyphonic state of mind overlapping “self” and “other” caused by their artworks. Image: Copyright © Makiko Koie All Rights Reserved. From the series “P” P-17, type-Cprint, 240×360cm, 2000, Collection of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,Kanazawa