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13 May 2011 - 05 Jun 2011

Singapore Arts Festival 2011

[caption id="attachment_8615" align="alignright" width="420" caption="Javanese Moonlight Intertwined"][/caption] The Singapore Arts Festival 2011 will reconnect with you through memories, histories and places long forgotten. On the theme of I Want to Remember, it runs from May 13 - June 5. Told through sights and sounds, I Want to Remember engages in a past that redefines the way we look at the present even as we race toward the future. Curatorial threads running through the 2011 festival are:
  • Dance Greats
  • Histories
  • Lost Languages and Memories
  • Personal Memories
  • Sites.Sights.Sounds
Performances and events in Dance Greats remember important dance makers Pina Bausch and Kazuo Ohno. The Acapella Mataraman, a group of acapella musician-actors from Indonesia who reconstruct Javanese gamelan and traditional Indonesian music into a new and exciting form, perform in Javanese Moonlight Intertwined. Rimini Protokoll from Germany bring their acclaimed production Radio Muezzin to Asia after its extensive tour in Europe. As an Associated Event of the Singapore Arts Festival, the Asia-Europe Foundation is holding a public event entitled “Serving Artists Serves the Public”. This will be held at LASALLE College of the Arts on 20 May from 5pm to 7pm. It will include a keynote lecture by European cultural expert Gerard Mortier which will be followed by a panel discussion with local and international speakers. The public event is held as a conclusion to the Atelier for Young Festival Managers, an initiative of the European Festivals Association, and is a great opportunity to discuss the role of arts in society within the atmosphere of the Singapore Arts Festival.. The event is free but you need to register now at or by emailing claire.wilson [at]