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09 May 2011

Shanghai Expo Park to become Culture Creative Block


The deputy to the National People's Congress and Shanghai Expo Bureau Director Hao Hong recently told reporters that the draft transformation plan for the Shanghai Expo Park will soon be revealed to the public.

According to him, the formation of the draft plan focuses on “optimizing the urban spatial development”. To that end, the Expo Park will be divided into 5 areas: the Urban Best Practices area, the Culture Fair area in Puxi, the International Community area, the Exhibitions and Business area, and the Back Beach Development Zone located in Pudong.

Following the Expo theme “Better City, Better Life”, the area will become a Culture Creative Block comprising a Culture Fair area that will gather important museums. In Pudong, the Exhibitions and Business area featuring the “Four Pavilions along the Central Axis” will become the central area of the plan. The Expo Axis will also offer some of the latest creations from the streets of Shanghai. Districts from the original Expo Village will become the International Community. Existing high-tech facilities will be also adapted to fit the Exhibitions and Business area.

Source: City of Shanghai

Image courtesy of Eugene Regis