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18 Mar 2024

Romania Poland cultural season 2024–2025 ‘We Speak the Same Language’

Romania and Poland inaugurate the first-ever bilateral cultural season, ‘We Speak the Same Language’, showcasing art’s power to transcend boundaries.

On 3 March 2024, the Romanian-Polish Solidarity Day was celebrated for the first time, a day established by acts adopted by the Parliaments of the two countries. The cultural season was launched on this day and it will span 17 months, from June 2024 to October 2025, featuring artistic endeavours across both countries. 

Romanian and Polish artists will come together to showcase their work through various exhibitions, theatre festivals, music performances, and more. Noteworthy events include the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu and the Premiere Festival in Bydgoszcz, offering platforms for artists to collaborate and share their creative visions.

The cultural season aims not only to display the artistic traditions of each country, but also to encourage dialogue and exchange between Romanian and Polish communities. Officials from both nations emphasise the importance of this initiative in reinforcing the historic alliance and solidarity between Romania and Poland. The theme ‘We Speak the Same Language’ underscores the belief that despite linguistic differences, art and culture transcend boundaries, fostering a deeper connection between peoples.

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