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05 Sep 2013

Res Artis Mapping project | partnership with China Residencies



Since 2011 Res Artis has undertaken the task of comprehensively maps the world of residencies. The Res Artis Mapping project graphically portrays the field of artist residencies by mapping artist residencies organisations around the globe.

Since Res Artis is focusing on the Asian region in 2013, it has recently partnered with China Residencies, an organization that has just completed an initial research trip meeting of nearly 20 programs across mainland China and Hong Kong gathering video interviews, photo documentation, and best practices of the Chinese residency field. Together with China Residencies we will include all this information in our map soon.

The Res Artis Map provides information about the residency and can graphically representing various layers that can be used to illustrate a variety of features such as the type of residency, affiliated cultural networks, and collaborative relationships established between different organisations related to the field of artist residencies and the mobility of creative people.

Res Artis is an association of over 400 centers, organisations, and individuals in over 70 countries. Each of our members is dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people the essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.