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17 Aug 2012

PhotoContest | Spain | Pablo Andreolotti | 7 Photos

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Of Men of God

The attached pictures are part of a long time project on the different religious rituals and cults in Asia beyond the main established religions as well as reflection on the relationship between men and Spirits. Through them I like to offer a glimpse into the magnificent mosaic of cultures that is South East Asia.

Pablo Andreolotti
Pablo Andreolotti is a Spanish professional photographer, based in Bangkok for the last ten years.
He graduated in photography in EFTI School of Photography in Madrid and started his career with the agency COVER in Spain. Currently he is working as a freelance photographer.
His work has appeared in several international publications such as TIME, Marie Claire, Conde Nast.
He is currently working in a long-term project that revolves around unorthodox cults in South East Asia, and the relationships between people and spirits, of which the proposed selection is a part of.  This project was awarded last year with the Gold Medal to the best book project in the PX3 awards in Paris.

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