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23 Apr 2012 - 04 May 2012

Not Yet It's Difficult | Asia + Europe = Australia

Mobile performance laboratory AMPERS &ND et al brings together leading innovators in music, dance and physical theatre from Australia, Korea and Europe, researching new modes of artistic communication between performer and musician. The driving research elements behind AMPERS &ND are the transposition of traditional Korean dance as interpreted by Wuturi, a highly Western syncretic approach to instrumentalisation by members of contemporary music ensemble Elision, and not yet it’s difficult’s performance training, Body Listening, which has at its spiritual heart the Australian landscape. Arts House invites you to join the artists of AMPERS &ND for a series of ancillary events including an introductory two-day Body Listening workshop, an industry seminar, a public forum and a research presentation. AMPERS &ND et al is led by NYID ’s David Pledger with artists from NYID, Wuturi and Elision. This project has been supported by ConnectionBox, the Korea-Australian Connection Initiative, a partnership between the Australia Council for the Arts and the Korea Arts Management Service. Also supported by the City of Melbourne through Arts House. Venue Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall Bookings See specific events below. Body Listening Workshop 23 - 24 April, 10am – 2pm $120 Book online or phone 03 9322 3713 Seminar Not just K-pop April 26, 5pm Free Book online or phone 03 9322 3713 Forum Asia + Europe = Australia3 ? April 30, 6.30pm Free Book online or phone 03 9322 3713 AMPERS &ND A navigation of process May 4, 7.30pm $10 Book online or phone 03 9322 3713 Presented by Arts House.