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New Issue of Museum International: "Museums and Public Policy"

  The latest edition of ICOM's peer-reviewed journal, Museum International, dedicated to the theme "Museums and Public Policy", is now available online. In this issue, authors from Greece, the Russian Federation, China, the United States, Zimbabwe and Benin discuss how museums can respond to public policy and find alternatives to government pressure and funding cuts in the areas of human rights, international relations, national identity, education, indigenous rights, natural resources and cultural policy. Some examples of regional cooperation, in areas such as the Iberoamerican space, are also examined.

The status of museums, as cultural tenets, is poised on a delicate balance between politics (from government policy and decisions to exhibition display and presentation to the public) and the need to maintain integrity and independence. The relationship between governments and cultural institutions can largely determine the museum’s role within the communities they serve and the type of services they provide, especially in countries where museums are dependent on government policy.

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