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21 Nov 2018

New Arts and Culture Organisations from Pakistan Published

None is pleased to announce a new directory of arts and culture organisations from Pakistan now available online. Researched and updated by Ms Masuma Khwaja, the updated Directory includes 24 organisations featuring museums, independent art spaces, festivals, public institutions, theatres and more.


The Organisations Directory includes over 1,600 organisations in 51 countries of Asia and Europe. It is searchable across various disciplines: from performing arts to visual arts, new media, film, craft and many more.


If you are looking for partners or simply researching about the arts scene in Pakistan, this Directory will be the perfect starting point!


Special thanks to Masuma Khwaja for her contribution to this Directory update.


Access the arts organisations from Pakistan here:


To know more about the arts scene in Pakistan:


To discover funding opportunities for cultural exchange with Pakistan: 


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