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26 Oct 2019

"My Cultural Identity - My Sustainable Development 2020": Call for papers

The Indian Institute of Social Sciences and Folklore Research is organising a four-day international conference on intangible cultural heritage (ICH) in joint collaboration with the Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO. The conference will be held on 21-24 February 2020 in Pune, India, with the title “My Cultural Identity – My Sustainable Development (MCIMSD-2020).” The objectives of the conference are to:
  • Understand the nature of ICH in different countries, regions, people, tribes, and castes, and create and broadcast appropriate methods for their safeguarding.
  • Increase awareness and interest at international level regarding ICH.
  • Make the world aware that ICH can be an important tool for sustainable development, by providing research, demonstration, awareness, and information.
  • Prove that new entrepreneurships can be created through ICH, alleviating the problem of unemployment.
  • Highlight the vital contribution of ICH in happiness and mental wellbeing.

Call for papers

Authors are invited to submit papers and essays for the conference. Possible topics could include:
  • Oral inventions and expressions
  • Performing arts
  • The institutions of folk religion
  • Artistic culture
  • Material culture
  • Food culture
  • Social culture
  • Business culture
  • Agriculture
  • Intangibility in architecture and engineering
  • Traditional treatment methods and local herbs
  • My religious identity
The submission deadline is 30 November.

Further infrormation

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