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06 Sep 2012 - 08 Sep 2012

London | Worlds Together conference

Registration open for Worlds Together conference - a collaboration between Tate Modern, Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre and British Museum. It looks at the place for Shakespeare and the arts in young people's learning. The conference takes place 6-8 September at Tate Modern in London. Whether your passion is for teaching Shakespeare, embracing new and emerging technologies or developing arts practices, this international conference has you in mind. It marks the coming together of powerful debate from across the globe, live and rich provocation from pioneering international practitioners and thinkers, and the unprecedented collaboration of four major UK arts institutions to shape dialogue and a shared experience. What place then, for Shakespeare and the arts in young people’s learning? Why is now such a crucial time to be exploring the impact of the arts and the value of children’s cultural experience? Book now to join artists, practitioners, teachers and cultural professionals from around the world in exploring these questions. Worlds Together offers two parallel programmes - one specifically exploring the worldwide influence of Shakespeare in education, the other looking more broadly at contemporary arts education practice. Crucial for us is the coming together of these strands each day for shared exchange in our brand new space The Tanks at Tate Modern. Download the full programme. Contributors are coming from the UK, US, Australia and Italy and include Roy Ascott, Eric Booth, Elisa Bracher, Susanna Chung, Michel Groisman, Shirley Brice Heath, Brad Haseman, Ian Middleton, Michael Morpurgo, Carla Rinaldi, James Shapiro and Steve Seidel. Click here for the full list of contributors. Image: South Tank 2011 © Peter Saville, Hayes Davidson, Herzog and de Meuron