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29 Jul 2010

Launch of Creators Network and ARTMUSFAIR

At ARTMUSFAIR 2010 new music convention platform in Warsaw, Poland in September, the CREATORS NETWORK will be launched with the vision of promoting future creativity.

The 3rd edition of ARTMUSFAIR, the new music convention platform designed for composers and professionals from the European contemporary music scene, is opened in the Capital of Poland 22-25 September in the frame of the 53rd Warsaw Autumn Festival and the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin.

ARTMUSFAIR is devoted to strengthening the position of European contemporary classical music, its creators and makers, and aims to encourage music stakeholders to integrate more contemporary music repertoire into the framework of classical music programming in Europe.

Meet the Challenges of 21st Century Music – under this challenging title, ARTMUSFAIR 2010 is open to representatives from the entire contemporary classical music scene and aims to attract some 500 composers, music publishers, record labels, musicians, promoters, managers and agents from across the whole of Europe.

Key objectives will be the building of new and closer partnerships, the exchange of new music ideas, and the sharing of the latest best-practice examples of innovation in the contemporary music world.

Launch of Creators Network
The Creators Conference in Stockholm in March 2010 was an eye opener, highlighting important questions. The CREATORS NETWORK is the platform where we, together, will try to answer them. The catchword still being added value. Foremost seen from a creator’s perspective, but with added value for all. Further a platform where we will try to understand and enhance the creative process with new technologies and discuss how to provide widespread, affordable access to content for the public and to encourage a dynamic creative culture, while returning value to the creators.

The ways in which societies have perceived the concept of creativity have changed throughout history, as has the term itself. It is no longer enough to be a creator, you will also need to be creative in solving problems and in chosing the right path in promoting future creativity. We believe that the CREATORS NETWORK will be an important platform in addressing these issues. With the ambition to – in a solution-orientated way – highlight the situation and the important questions that the artistic and entertainment communities are facing today.

The CREATORS NETWORK is to be launched on 22nd September in Warsaw in the frame of ARTMUSFAIR 2010.

Who can become members?
Members of the CREATORS NETWORK are creators in the broadest sense, as well as their professional organizations. We also welcome a wider spectrum of the creative industries, including publishers, managers, legal advisors, inventors, consumers, legislators. All with the common vision of promoting future creativity.

DOWNLOAD pdf. Invitation to the Creators Network

The Creators Network initiative is brought to you by: The Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers, The Society of Swedish Composers, The Swedish Music Information Centre