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28 Jan 2018

ICOM / Routledge Handbook on Museum Management: Call for Papers

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is developing a new four-volume handbook series, intended as a practical reference tool for museum professionals seeking to enhance their skills, and a learning tool providing insight into the field for academics and students of museum studies. The titles will strike a balance between theoretical and practical content, comprising a series of analytical articles followed by real-life case studies, featuring questions and discussion points, from institutions of different sizes and disciplines around the globe. Each volume will be overseen by an Editorial Board, and the first title, devoted to museum management, will be co-edited by Darko Babić and Catherine C. Cole. This first volume aims to explore contemporary practices in the field of museum management, drawing on the expertise and experience of ICOM’s international network of museum professionals to shed light on key aspects of running a museum in different parts of the world. A call for papers has recently been launched. Authors are invited to submit proposals for analytical articles or case studies on the following topics:
  • Governance and Operations, including ethics, strategy planning, legal environment, human resources, etc.
  • Communication and Marketing, including branding, audience development and evaluation, media relations, digital outreach, etc.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion, including accessible design and programming, community engagement, etc.
  • Financial Management, including budget planning and reporting, sponsorships and fundraising, earned revenues, etc.
  • Facilities, including building maintenance, sustainability norms, security and risk management, etc.
  • Planning a new museum or a museum renewal, including feasibility studies, museological plans and capital development
Abstracts of between 250 and 300 words should be submitted by 2 February 2018. The ICOM handbook series will initially be published in English language only. However, proposals in the other two official languages of ICOM (French and Spanish) will also be considered. All proposals submitted will be assessed for suitability, and if selected, will be reviewed by the Editorial Advisory Board and co-editors. The volume is expected to be published, in collaboration with Routledge, in summer 2019. Contributions will be made on a voluntary basis. For additional information, please visit