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13 Aug 2010

European Parliament launches Citzalia game

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The European Parliament launches a new role-playing game and social networking forum.  On Citzalia, users create an avatar and can choose what role they want to play in the European Parliament to experience democracy in action.

Citzalia is democracy in action. It is role playing game and social networking forum wrapped in a virtual 3D world that captures the essence of the European Parliament. You may even recognise parts of the building.

Citzalia is a world you inhabit and help create. Using your avatar you can walk around, interact, network, debate the issues of today, propose legislation, vote and learn about how the European Parliament works for citizens. You can be a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), a journalist, a student or any role you want to create.

Others will be able to vote on the quality of your proposals and you will be able to vote on theirs. By earning experience points you will be able move up to new expert levels in Citzalia.

Current Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and European officials will be on hand to guide you through the procedures and provide background information.

Why Citzalia?

Citzalia is a means of understanding how the EU’s democratically elected Parliament works. By participating in debates on issues the European Parliament is currently discussing you will gain insight and expertise into how democracy works in the EU. It is an opportunity to hear how other fellow citizens feel about current issues and about the role of the European Parliament. It is also a platform for debate and discussion of the issues which have been, are or can be addressed by the European Parliament.

Log onto Citzalia and create your avatar

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