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22 May 2018

European Commission proposes ambitious New European Agenda for Culture


EU citizens believe culture is the most important factor in creating a sense of community. But 36% don't currently participate in cultural activities, so increasing cultural participation would bring Europeans closer together. In response to these findings, and to calls from EU leaders for increased EU collaboration on culture, the European Commission adopted on 22 May 2018 a proposal for a New European Agenda for Culture.

The New Agenda proposes to:

•  harness the power of culture and cultural diversity for social cohesion and wellbeing, by promoting cultural participation, mobility of artists and protection of heritage

•  support jobs and growth in the cultural and creative sectors, by promoting arts and culture in education, boosting relevant skills, and encouraging innovation in culture

•  strengthen international cultural relations, by making the most of the potential of culture to foster sustainable development and peace

Based on experience gained from EU cooperation on culture over the last decade, the New Agenda will be put into practice through strong cooperation with Member States and stakeholders, including civil society and international partners.

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