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07 Dec 2017

EU Youth Strategy on Creativity and Culture


In the fields of Creativity and Culture, the EU Youth Strategy aims at strengthening young people's access to and participation in culture and cultural expressions from an early age, thereby promoting personal development, enhanced learning capabilities, intercultural skills, understanding and respect for cultural diversity and the development of new and flexible skills for future job opportunities.

To this end, Member States have agreed on widening access to culture and creative tools, particularly those involving new technologies, providing opportunities for young people to develop their creativity, and promoting young people's knowledge about culture.

On the European Commission EACEA Youth Wiki website, you can find Europe's online encyclopaedia in the area of national youth policies. The platform is a comprehensive database on national structures, policies and actions supporting young people. It covers the eight main fields of action identified in the 2010-2018 EU Youth Strategy: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and well-being, participation, voluntary activities, social inclusion, youth and the world, and creativity and culture.

The Culture and Creativity chapter offers information on the main programmes, initiatives and policies facilitating youth participation in cultural activities, and the development of their creativity.

You can click on different countries to find the information, for example: 

Luxembourg: research the main trends in young people's creativity and cultural participation

Romania: where cultural consumption is markedly higher among the under 30s

Slovakia: where cultural vouchers are used as measures to support the development of cultural competences of primary and secondary school pupils. Vouchers can be used to pay for cultural events, courses etc.