06 Dec 2017 - 09 Dec 2017

EARS on Mumbai | Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions

EARS – Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions is a platform supporting creative industry collaboration between Europe and Asia. EARS on Mumbai, taking place December 6-9, showcases the latest trends from Asia and is the perfect spot to meet key people behind them. Registration is open. Take a look at the speakers. In December 2017, Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions joins forces with the Mumbai Assembly for a four-day seminar focusing on the creative industry developments in India. EARS on Mumbai, December 69 dives deep into Performing Arts, Film and Music while addressing topics such as Marketing and PR, Digital Media, Funding and Arts Infrastructure. The event will bring together international key professionals and representatives from government agencies to Mumbai to network, explore business opportunities and share best practices. And of course, getting to know the best bits of Mumbai! EARS on Mumbai is hosted by The Mumbai Assembly, an independent cultural agency focused on creating new platforms for collaboration and showcasing. The Mumbai Assembly is located in the Bandra neighbourhood, in the geographical and cultural heart of Mumbai. With the festive season coming up and the independent cultural scene expanding ten folds during the month of December, EARS on Mumbai is the perfect chance to truly experience the Maximum City. The event is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). EARS - Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions is a platform focusing on creative industry collaboration between Europe and Asia. Both EARS events and online media, ears.asia, are dedicated to introducing the latest trends and developments from Asia through talented professionals. Since its start in 2012, EARS events have been organised altogether nine times in Helsinki, Beijing and Shanghai. EARS on Helsinki 2016 brought together over 300 professionals from the fields of film, performing arts, music, technology, business, media, fashion and design to discover new business opportunities.

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