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08 Feb 2012 - 09 Feb 2012

Berlin | Radius of Art conference 2012


Save the date - February 8-9 2012, the Heinrich Boll Foundation is holding a conference in Berlin "Radius of Art" on the creative politicisation of the public sphere and cultural potential forces for social transformation. The conference will focus on the presentation and discussion of projects, basic concepts and experience within the field dealing with international art and cultural projects that have immanent relevance for the public sphere, for processes of democratisation, for the discourse surrounding growth and sustainability and for the development of civil society. Central focus will be placed on Experience from international artistic and cultural projects offers clear evidence of their relevance for the processes of democratization and the development of civil society. • Intervention and participation in »Art in the Public Sphere« projects lead to a creative politicization of the public sphere, thus catalyzing social processes of debate and democratization. • »Art for social transformation«: All too often neglected, the empowerment of children, youth and adults through international artistic and cultural projects provide an effective long-term means of achieving social and political emancipation, also in the context of fighting poverty and encouraging participation within civil society. • »New Alliances for Aesthetics and Sustainability« are needed in order to find innovative approaches that reach beyond the already existing decision-making and development structures. The conference will conclude with a discussion about the kinds of structural reforms required in regard to the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity, so that cultural development projects as well as controversial public art projects might receive the recognition they deserve within the sphere of international cooperation.