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03 May 2012 - 11 Jun 2012

Bastards of Misrepresentation | Contemporary art from Manila | H Gallery Bangkok

[caption id="attachment_22093" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="David Griggs, Manila City Jail, colour photograph © 2009."][/caption] H Gallery Bangkok is pleased to announce the first major exhibition of contemporary art from the Philippines in Thailand. Curated by the renowned artist Manuel Ocampo, Bastards of Misrepresentation is a showcase of the diverse practices currently being explored by the Filippino avant-garde. This exhibition will highlight the significant contribution this group of artists is making to the history of art in the Philippines, while embracing a new era of outward-looking ambitious artists who are working hard to put Filipino creative communities on the world stage. The artists included represent the cutting edge of Filipino art in the last five years. Many have won awards and some have established reputations in Europe and Australia. Others are legendary performers from Manila’s underground art and music scenes. They include: Poklong Anading, Argie Bandoy, Valeria Cavestany, LenaCobangbang, Louie Cordero, Maria Cruz, Gaston Damag, Dex Fernandez, ArvinFlores, David Griggs, Maria Jeona, Robert Langennegger, Romeo Lee, PowMartinez, Manuel Ocampo, Jason Oliveria, Carlo Ricafort, Timo Roter, Gerardo Tan, MMYu, and  Maria-Jeona Zoleta Bastards of Misrepresentation is concerned with a cultural scene happening in the Philippines but does not claim to be a definitive show of Philippine art. The title is ironic because the Philippines is a country with a hybrid culture, embodying a complex heritage and colonial history while it’s political identity reflects the pervasive ‘misrepresentation’ of its people. Bastards of Misrepresentation provokes issues around social critique, aesthetic autonomy, and the philosophical politics of expression; as well as examining the alternate conditions of authenticity and the nature of shared affinities. Bastards of Misrepresentation is accompanied by a special exhibition of paintings by the Thai artist Warawut Intorn which extends the interest of the issues raised, at H Project Space. Further, a selection of artists will exhibit at H Gallery’s new space in Chiang Mai (H GALLERY CHIANG MAI) in the show Quiet Noise, for August-September 2012. Source: H Gallery Bangkok