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18 Aug 2010 - 21 Aug 2010

Aurillac International Street Theatre Festival

[caption id="attachment_5076" align="alignright" width="376" caption="Li Ning © DR"][/caption] Chinese performance artists and a France-China co-production are on the programme of the renowned Aurillac Festival International de Theatre de Rue 2010 in France. Check the programme for this important European festival and networking event for street theatre artists and companies. In the Street Theatre programme: Ilimitrof' Compagny (France-China)  "Once upon a time there was somebody who wasn’t sure of what he really was "Lively, plastic and strolling Occidental/Chinese route and performance. About intimacy between "Occident" and "China"…. What do we know about the Chinese and what do they know about us? Through an emotional route, helped by an auditory concentration effect (audio guided) you will be guided into an intense meeting attempt between two duellist cultures. In the Performance Art programme: Tang Huang (China)  Where will the destiny lead us ? Is there any "god" putting us under his auspices ? Tang Huang will guide us on the way "to look for our roots", while experimenting the mysterious culture of Nuo de Guizhou. Li Ning (China)  Constrained by Desire that moves deeply our behaviour, Li Ning will become a ribbon. His body, as a scotch-tape, will explain to us his paradoxical confrontations... Using body language and mixing instruments and accessories, Li Ning gives us a chapter on the issue of the "adhesive".