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25 Nov 2014 - 28 Nov 2014

ASEF culture360 media partner of the Asian Intercultural Theatre Conference | Singapore

ITI ASEF culture360 will be one of the media partners of the upcoming Asian Intercultural Theatre Conference, on 25-28 November in SingaporeAsian Intercultural Conference (AIC) 2014 will gather actors, writers, directors, scholars and researchers with an interest in the “Asian Intercultural”. Within Asia’s diversity are societies, histories and communities that constantly feed theatre; from its teeming transnational cities to regional townships and local villages. The process of making theatre draws upon all our resources, human capacities, faculties and cultures. This conference seeks to explore and examine those resources, its interactions and interplays, through keynote lectures, work-demonstrations and presentations. Keynote speakers and panellists include Intercultural Theatre Institute’s co-founder and director, T Sasitharan, and world-renowned theatre practitioners Phillip B Zarrilli and Anuradha Kapur.
  • Wales-based Phillip Zarrilli is internationally known for training actors in a psychophysical process through Asian martial/meditation arts. A director and performer himself, Zarrilli is also noted for his work with Indian dancers/choreographers.
  • Anuradha Kapur, an established theatre director and former director of the National School of Drama (Delhi) who drove the institute’s acting curriculum, has a keen interest in traditional vocabulary in theatre.
  • T Sasitharan, a Cultural Medallion recipient (Singapore’s highest cultural award honouring artistic excellence) is well recognised as an educator, theatre artist, cultural critic and arts advocate. His thought leadership on arts and culture have made a wide impact on the larger community.
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