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12 Aug 2021

Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops needs survey of photographers in Asia - results

Conducted online over a two-week period in June 2021, the Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops survey was anonymous and open to all lens-based practitioners in Asia. In total, 263 valid responses were received.  The results are published in a report.

APFW started this to get a clearer view about how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the lives and livelihood of visual artists and photographers in Asia, and to better understand how we can serve and support our community more meaningfully.

APFW hopes the information here will be useful to other organisations and institutions which, like them, are working to support the community of visual practitioners in Asia.

While the survey did indeed reveal just how exhausted, broke, worried and stressed many of us are, it also showed a community that is continuously trying to find ways to help each other. Most crucially, it made abundantly clear how our friends living under military rule in places like Myanmar and the Kashmir region have been placed under additional, unimaginable strain.

Among the findings reported:

  • 63% of respondents were male; 36% female
  • More than half the respondents were young photographers, aged up to 30 years old (18-25 years: 22%; 26-30 years: 30%)
  • Respondents came from 18 countries. The three highest countries for respondents were: India (30%), Philippines (17%) and Indonesia (11%).
  • Useful feedback was given by respondents about what online activities they found most effective, although 32% found online activies they were interested in but they were too expensive

It is clear that most are just trying not to give up, to find a way to continue doing what they love. AFPW hopes that they will be able to help you do that.

Download survey report here