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30 Apr 2004

Is There a typical profile for the heads of the digital film department in SAE Schools?

Interview with Anna Christin Mallon by Gyora Gal Glupczynski

GGG: What language would you like to use for this interview?

ACM: It is up to you. I grew up in Brussels and therefore speak French, Flemish, German, English and Spanish. Brussels is an international city.

GGG: Did you use these languages in the film industry?

ACM: Before coming back to Brussels, I worked on various Production sets, Marketing and Events both in Barcelona and Berlin.

GGG: Something from Asia too?

ACM: My husband is Singaporean and studied Business Administration in Hawaii. He is not directly involved in film himself but does however support and help me with most of the Marketing and Business Development of CitrusTV. He also contributes creatively to a number of video productions with his own ideas and camera work.

GGG: How did you come to set up the Digital Film Program?

ACM: By coincidence: I had been a student with the SAE in Berlin before. At the time when I came to Brussels they were looking for someone with exactly my background, language skills, and qualifications
I studied "Communications" in Hawaii (USA), and later moved to Barcelona where I worked for various TV Productions and Events. After Barcelona came Berlin where I setup CitrusTV. This company aims to produce Travel and Culture Documentaries. Additionally I also worked in the Marketing and Business Development for the Messe Berlin's Virtual Marketplace and obtained my SAE Diploma in Digital Film Production.

GGG: SAE is for Digital Film training. It prepares some of your student to become independent filmmakers.
Some definition for Digital film and Independent film maker?

ACM: Digital Film is Film or Video that will be edited and manipulated with the Computer. An Independent Filmmaker is someone who can realize and produce an entire project herself/himself from the script to Postproduction.

Founded some 30 years ago by Tom Misner, SAE works after the Anglo-Saxon model of media specialized partner colleges. The training covers all the fields of digital film production. Here, the motto is “practice, practice, practice”. Six hours per week of theory only: the rest (30 hours) is fully dedicated to practical workshops on a top equipment. After a 15 months training, the student has acquired a broad knowledge of his trade. He is then ready to work as an independent filmmaker or to join an existing studio. In order to graduate from SAE, a minimum grade of 80% is required in one of the three departments. SAE diploma counts for 50% of the required points for a B.A. of art.

Every year, about 800 students graduate from a SAE centre throughout the world. With more than 10 000 students today, SAE appears as the most important training centre of the kind.

Contact for the SAE can be found in the Europe and Asia sections of this web site.
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and United Kingdom.

More about digital film
Digital Film Restoration of "Tokyo Story"
About the film restoration of "Tokyo Story". One of the most famous Japanese films, in order to bring back its beauty of images by using the forefront of digital technologies such as computer technologies, multimedia techniques, and signal processing.

CALL: Digital film festival

(more Calls in the Film Events section of this site)
CLONE is looking for films to be screened at next festival 28-30 October 2004.

We accept all films from features to shorts as long the digital techniques have been used in a production. Again next year there will be at least two international short film competitions. The maximum lenght of the film is 15 minutes and the copies must be sent on MiniDV PAL tape. The details and prizes of the competitons will be released on our wesite soon, stay tuned! Our major hope is to have many more visitors abroad visiting CLONE next year. CLONE thanks to all our visitors visiting the festival this year, you made it happen, see you next year!

Mr. Jussi Myllyniemi, Festival director

address: Aviteekki Ry CLONE digital film festival
Armas Launiksen katu 4 13130 Hämeenlinna Finland
Tel: 358 44 2841 607


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