13 Jun 2011

Vietnam Institute Of Culture And Information Studies

The Vietnam Institute of Culture and Information Studies functions as the key scientific consultancy agency of its parent body, the Ministry of Culture and Information. It functions to undertake research on Vietnam ese cultural theory and practice and to provide scientific bases for managing and planning the policies of the Ministry of Culture and Information, in order to develop a Vietnam ese culture imbued with national identity. The Institute provides Vietnam ese and foreign researchers with postgraduate training in the field of culture and the arts, according to assignments approved by the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Ministry of Education and Training. Major research interests of the Institute include – state policy on culture and arts; urban and rural cultural development; the relationship between the traditional and the contemporary and between national and international cultural traits; the collection and appreciation of national culture and arts heritages; the study of special subjects in traditional culture, family culture, communication culture, environmental culture and religious culture; theoretical and practical mass media and communications activities; the practical side of grassroots information activities; the development of culture in some regional countries; and experiences in planning cultural policies in other countries of the world. The Institute is equipped with a studio for audio and video recording.

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