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ASEF culture360 acknowledges the support and collaboration of its partners and media partners. If you are interested in partnering or supporting ASEF culture360 please contact the project coordinator: Valentina Riccardi – Project Manager at valentina.riccardi[at]culture360.org

Partners in 2015



On-the-Move is a European network that provides information on cultural mobility in Europe and beyond. The network aims to facilitate cross-border mobility in the arts and culture sector contributing to build up a vibrant European shared cultural space strongly connected worldwide.


seaccn_logoCreative Cebu Council and Southeast Asian Creative Cities Network (SEACCN)

The Southeast Asian Creative Cities Network (SEACCN) is a network for creative cities and clusters in Southeast Asia. It includes representatives from the cities, agencies, specialists, experts, groups and communities, with a focus on Southeast Asia and “second cities”.

SEACCN also welcomes collaboration with other organisations and cities including those in the rest of Asia or Europe.


Media partners in 2015

image01Tropfest Southeast Asia – Roughcut

Tropfest Southeast Asia is one of the world’s largest short film festival and an innovative concept and platform for filmmakers of diverse backgrounds to gain exposure and experience. Tropfest’s signature film forum, Roughcut, gives film-lovers an opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with some of the biggest names in the industry.


image04Orde Baru Ok. Video Festival

Orde Baru (New Order) Ok. Video Festival is an international biennial event held by the contemporary art organization, ruangrupa since 2003. Through the theme of Orde Baru, Ok. Video seeks to expand its scope of artistic category in the future and to present much broader works brought forward by media technology (sound art, digital imaging) that can present new limitless artistic ideas and critical issues surrounding the themes.


image03Borak Arts Series 2015

Borak Arts Series is Malaysia’s primary arts conference for creative practitioners and business leaders from around the world. Borak Arts Series 2015 aims to bring discussions forward to break boundaries and strengthen relationships across ASEAN communities via the theme of ‘ASEAN and The Future’.


image06Goethe-Institut Indonesia

The Goethe-Institut Indonesia organises and supports a wide range of cultural events to foster intercultural exchange between Germans and Indonesians; be it through film festivals and concerts, art exhibitions, readings and discussions, or dance and theatre performances.


image05Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA)

The Green Art Lab Alliance is a partnership between 19 European cultural organisations which explore what environmental sustainability means for the visual arts and design. All partners believe that it’s time for culture and the arts to take responsibility in their own innovative and artistic ways.


Partners in 2014

Media partners in 2014

  • Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA) – A European cultural partnership for environmental sustainability in the arts and culture.
  • Borak Arts Series 2014 – A Malaysian arts conference for cultural mobility and funding.
  • International Theatre Institute (ITI) – A global organisation for performing arts.
  • Dok Leipzig Lake Festival – An international film festival for documentary film.

Partners in 2013

  • on-the-move – A European network for cultural mobility.
  • Ubud Writers and Readers Festival – Southeast Asia’s largest cultural and literary event.
  • IDFA – Amsterdam’s largest international documentary film festival.
  • Film Restoration School Asia – A training initiative for film preservation and restoration of cinematic heritage in Asia.
  • Memory Film Festival – Asia’s sole international film heritage event.
  • AEDES Berlin – An institution for architectural culture and urban design.
  • Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2013 – Southeast Asia’s largest and most renowned cultural and literary event.

Media partners in 2013

  • Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA) – A European cultural partnership for environmental sustainability in the arts and culture.
  • Jakarta Biennale – An international bi-annual contemporary art event in Jakarta.
  • Muslihat Ok. Video Festival – A theme-based international biennial festival for media (video) technology in Indonesia.
  • Tropfest Southeast Asia – Southeast Asia’s largest short film festival and a global platform for filmmakers.

Partners in 2012

  • Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) – A biennial event and a key platform for Southeast Asian art and photography.
  • on-the-move – A European network for cultural mobility.

Media partners in 2012

Partners in 2011

  • International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) – A global network of national arts funding agencies.
  • Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe – An online information and monitoring system of national cultural policies in Europe.
  • Angkor Photo Festival, Siem Reap, Cambodia – A photography event and educational resource for photographers in Southeast Asia.
  • LIVE! Singapore: Global Performing Arts Exchange 2011 – A networking platform for leading performing arts professionals and organizations.

Partners in 2009 – 2010

Supporters to ASEF culture360 conceptualisation phase (2005-2008)

ASEF would like to thank the Ministries of Culture of the ASEM member countries as well as the following organizations and individuals for their involvement and support towards the conceptualisation ASEF culture360 in its first phase of development (2005-08).


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