06 Sep 2010

Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ)

IKJ was founded by Suharto the 2nd President of Republic of Indonesia 25 June 1976. It was a kind of education institution for local people (Jakarta) who want to develop there talent and skill as an artist.

The former name is Lembaga Pendidikan Kesesian Jakarta (LPKJ) Jakarta Art Education. In 27th July 1985 LPKJ was promoted as Jakarta Institute of the Arts.

It has 3 faculties namely:

  1. Faculty of Visual Art

  2. Faculty of Performing Art

  3. Faculty of Film and Television

The later is the most popular and important in this institute. There are a lot of out standing artist (national and international levels) graduated form this institute, some of them are: Mira Lesmana (Film Producer); Firman Lee (painter); Garin Nugroho (Film Director); Subarkah (make up & special effect); Srihadi Sudarsono (painter); Didi Petet (actor); Dolorosa Sinaga (sculpture); Budi L. Tobing (sculpture; Irianti Karnaya (sculpture); Aditya Tobing (artistic director); Nungki Kusumastuti (dancer, actress); Marusya Neggolan (composer).

Most of the young film makers in Indonesia also graduated from Faculty of Film and Television (FFT) IKJ such as: Mira Lesmana, Jujur Pranata, Sentot Sahid, Garin Nugroho, Seno Gumira Adidarma, Nan T. Achnas, Riri Reza, Umar Widodo, Maruli Ara, Enison Sinaro, Heny R Saputra, etc.

Average number of student since the year of 2000 is 1,000 divided into 26 study programs of the 3 Faculties mentioned above.