29 Jun 2012

House of Matahati (HOM Art Trans)

Founded in 2007, HOM is an independent art space comprising a gallery and studio facilities in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Its name stands for House of MATAHATI, as it was previously known. The space seeks to provide a venue for events conducive to the development of local and regional art, and one of HOM’s core objectives is to promote and nurture artists through its key programs.

These include MATAHATI Art Fund and MATAHATI Art Award, as well as HOM’s annual ARTriangle exhibition, which showcases works by artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. HOM also works in collaboration with its partner gallery on the Malaysian Emerging Artist Award, which offers a platform for young artists to showcase and receive recognition for their art.

HOM’s commitment to support artists can also be seen in the MATAHATI Art Residencies, which consists of three key programmes:

  1. HOM Residency

  2. SAGE Residency

  3. Open Residency

Under these programmes, the gallery has supported and nurtured the art of both local and international artists.