28 May 2011

European Confucius Institutes conference in Hungary

The 2011 Joint Conference of European Confucius Institutes will be held in Budapest, Hungary, on 16-18 June, 2011.

The conference aims at facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences between Confucius Institutes in Europe, promoting their cooperation, and supporting their harmonious development.  The host of the conference is ELTE Confucius Institute in Budapest.

ELTE Confucius Institute (ECI) is the first and only Confucius Institute in Hungary.  It was established in 2006, with the cooperation of ELTE and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Since its establishment five years ago, ELTE Confucius Institute has become the most important centre for Chinese language and culture in Hungary.  It won the “Outstanding Confucius Institute Award” in 2007.

Check the Confucius Institutes in Europe now established in 31 countries, all members of a global network of Confucius Institutes worldwide.  Set up as partnerships between Chinese government institutions and local universities and other partners, Confucius Institutes worldwide promote Chinese language and culture in foreign countries.

To learn more about the Confucius Institutes, the ifa in Germany has made a useful Press Review. Entitled 'Confucius the World Over', this examines China's foreign cultural policy through selected news items.